About DeFi

DeFi is open source technology operated by predefined and verifiable rules (aka“smart contracts”) that enables the automation of financial transactions without the need of a centralized third-party. 

Operating by clear and transparent rules, DeFi enables equal access to financial products and services to all individuals and businesses around the world. 

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Our Mission

We want to become the bridge between Traditional Finance (TradFi) capital and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) world. 

DeFi can be challenging for non crypto native users. The user experience can be extremely complicated. Some projects can have weak security and are prone to hacks. It is hard to keep up with all the innovation happening in the space. 

Our Platform

Our Platform


Identifies the most secure platforms in Defi, properly mitigating the risks of being hacked


Infrastructure prepared to grow both in bull markets as well as bear markets 


Infrastructure capable to deploy capital at scale


An automatic way of deploying liquidity in an efficient manner

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